DL50K (50M2)

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The EXP-ILS50K is ideal for DOMESTIC lounges

The system will cover a square room of up to 50m2 (7m x 7m) or a rectangular room of up to 100m2 (8m x 12m).

The EXP-ILS50K is a compact unit with all controls on tamperproof fittings, ensuring that once the system is setup no unauthorized adjustments can be made.
The amplifier's state-of-the-art current drive audio processing circuitry includes an automatic compressor/limiter which maintains the loop signal within a small dynamic range to improve intelligibility. 
Manual adjustments can also be made using the amplifier's internal tamper-resistant drive, level and tone controls, allowing the system to be tailored to suit the exact requirements of any room.

Key Features

  • 3 inputs are available:SCART input from TV / Video + 2 x microphone inputs (1 microphone supplied)
  • Compact unit for discrete installation
  • Fully automatic compressor-limiter
  • Tamper-resistant drive, level and tone controls
  • All cables included (33 Metres)