Listenor PRO Amplifier System

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Listenor Pro is ideal for watching TV and conversing with others.  Volume and tone controls enable you to get the best out of your listening experience.  
The microphone of Listenor Pro can be placed in a raised position on a nearby surface using the belt clip, or held in the hand and pointed towards the sound source.
There are a number of optional accessories listed below which can help those everyday listening requirements: headphones or an inductive loop for use with telecoil-equipped hearing aids, the Listenor Pro telephone kit provides cables to connect to landline telephones for home or office use.  Listenor Pro amplifies the caller’s voice and you can continue to speak using the telephone handset.
Audio cables are available for connection to the headset socket on radio, computer, MP3 or iPod, or CD players and television and extension cables are also available.
To use Listenor Pro in meetings, classrooms or lecture halls where you need to focus on the speaker’s voice a Conversor directional microphone can be plugged into the microphone socket of Listenor Pro.
For note-taking applications in educational and workplace situations, Listenor Pro can be used with Conversor Pro Recorder for recording and playing back the lecture or discussion, and then uploading the recording to your PC for subsequent editing and filing.



Listenor Pro amplified listener
Binaural headphones
Neck lanyard
Two AAA batteries
Detachable belt clip
User’s manua