PDA200/2 (240M2)

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A range of professional current mode audio-frequency induction loop amplifiers offer outstanding sound quality at a competitive price. 
They are ideal for use in large prestigious applications such as theatres, churches, cathedrals, cinemas, large conference halls, etc., where first class sound and unrivalled reliability are a must.

Each amplifier includes one balanced microphone input and one switchable mic/line level input. 
The pre-amplification stage of each amplifier utilises an advanced signal processing system that allows tight control over the audio signal without any degradation of output quality. 
A metal compensation control is also provided to help offset the frequency response problems associated with the excessive metal content of some rooms.

Key Features
Attractive free-standing design (optional wall and 19" rack-mounting kits available)
Coverage Square room 200m2 - Rectangular room 240m2
Two XLR 3 pin input sockets - one balanced mic. and one mic/line, both with 11V phantom power
'Outreach' input allows the connection of up to 10 additional mic. or line level inputs via a series of separately available single gang connector plates.
Adjustable drive control allows the loop current to be adjusted to suit a room's characteristics.
Metal compensation control helps offset the frequency response problems associated with excessive metal in a building.
3.5mm headphone socket allows true monitoring of the output signal
All models designed to meet or exceed the requirements of BS7594 and EN60118-4 when correctly installed